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The Lil' Lily Interview: Grounded

Montero, the director of 'Grounded', sits down with the new mega star, Lily Elaine, about her recent role in new film of the century which premiered in July of 2014.

Montero: Hey Lily, it's great to see you again! I am so excited for this interview. Thanks for joining me today.

Lily: No problem. Thanks for having me.

Montero: You had performed your own stunts in this film. Were you nervous at all?

Lily: Well, I will admit that it was challenging, but fun. I know my limits and will not do anything that I really feel is dangerous - you know, like playing with fire and driving my dad's SUV around the block, because I am not tall enough to see over the steering wheel yet.

Montero: Were you worried are you that people weren't gonna like this movie?

Lily: Like? -- I am positive that they will absolutely LOVE this movie like kids love ice cream and cookies. My dad knows what he is doing. He has been doing this for many years!

Montero: Did you always want to be an actress?

Lily: Um, I remember being about 3-years-old and thinking about it a little. I used to be very silly and do musical skits for my friends and family. I love to make people smile and laugh. I guess you can say I have my dad's personality. He is very charming and always know when to say the right things.

Montero: Is it true? our dad told me that you love to help him film.

Lily: Yes, I love to watch my awesome dad do everything involving film. He always give me some great advice about performing in front AND. behind the lens. Together, we are an unstoppable force. My mom said so herself and believe me, she is never wrong!

Montero: Can you provide any advice for all of the kids out there wanting to be a movie star like you someday?

Lily: Listen to your mom and dad, because they know what is best for you. And tell them how much you really appreciate their love for you every now and then because they are your best system of support!


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