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We at Monterror Media surround ourselves with passionate artists who have, on every occasion, invested their time and energy into every project to be sure that they not only meet, but exceed clientele expectations. The non-ceasing drive of these artists continues to be the working mechanism behind the scenes of Monterror Media. Our successful Film Studio wouldn’t be the same without our fantastic team members, who will work tirelessly to help you execute your project and deliver the results you’re hoping for. 

Sarah Grgic.jpg

As film production artists, we understand the significant necessity of working along other producers, studios and always welcome passionate individuals into the Monterror family. As such, we are very proud to be affiliated with ...


  • Brotherside Entertainment

  • Chaos & Mayhem FX

  • Invictus Films

  • Mark D'Errico

  • Philagape Productions

  • Sick & Twisted FX 

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