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Service Description

Taking the time to understand precise video footage editing requirements, and the intended output are the basis of our film cutting service. These include removing unwanted portions to make the video crisper and to the point, rearranging footage to improve its impact on the viewers, properly sequencing clips to achieve set objectives, standardizing and converting into other formats for size and streaming compatibility, and much more. From stabilizing shaky footage, removing of unwanted elements, splicing story lines, scoring backgrounds, color-correcting and additional special effects are just some of the services offered with film editing. Video editing ratios for a 2 to 5 minute marketing video production range from 5:1 to 25:1. A video with long takes will edit quicker than one with many insert edits or cut-aways. Likewise, dramatized videos with many different angles and takes will require more editing time. A music video production with lots of rapid edits and intricate montage sequences might be more in the range of a 25:1 to 35:1 source to edit ratio. A typical workflow may include the following video editing services: Importing video and other source material Logging and identifying selects The initial rough cut Input and revisions Color grading and correcting Sound mixing and the final review Delivery of compressed video Factors to consider which may affect the cuts per minute calculation are: audio complexity, quantity and type of transitions, motion graphics services, complex montage sequences and number of rounds of revisions.

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