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Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is the cause of every ounce of film production energy we’ve had and continue to muster on any and all film production projects. This program is what planted the seed of creativity that expanded into a career in splicing award winning films. Windows Movie Maker gave us the introduction to filmmaking we never knew we needed.

By now, most are quite familiar with non-linear editing software (NLE). A good portion of them are now available on smart devices. Unfortunately, convenience and effectiveness (for the most part) are mutually exclusive. Fine-tuning edits are made simpler on a desktop/laptop than on a cell phone or tablet.

Our editing is completed on Mac, therefore we generally use industry-standard NLEs like FCPX and DaVinci Resolve. However, we would never have understood the complexity of splicing digital film without the initial use of Windows Movie Maker; a very powerful tool in its own right. The simple, user-friendly interface is a great way for beginner editors to learn the aspects of assembling film in various ways to tell multiple stories with the same material. With its click-and-drag, users can add clips to the timeline and fine-tune as desired without the convoluted tools offered by many of today’s standard NLEs.

Windows Movie Maker may very well be the best first-step to becoming an award-winning editor.



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