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The Deluxe Talkboy

Every filmmaker has had a unique influence which peaked their interests in film production and we are no different. For us, however, it was capturing stories in the form of audio cassettes with the aid of the infamous Talkboy by Tiger Electronics; the same company best known for their handheld LCD games and the Furby. The Talkboy, in our opinion, was their greatest achievement and first seen in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. It’s variable speed playback and recording made this an ingenious device.

It was soon after getting the Talkboy for Christmas (1994) that we began telling the most inane surreal stories with our signature warped sense of humor. We would incorporate some violent content by slamming down on the collapsible microphone that would produce a “stabbing” sound effect — which was engaged far too often. Most stories mimicked televised soap operas and talk shows where guests and characters were senselessly and brutally slaughtered by means of heavy artillery and countless explosions.

It wasn’t long after playing with this device that we decided it was time to grab a camcorder and add visuals to our deformed, dramatic audiobooks.


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