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Facebook Severance

Over the last few years, Facebook has been hindering its users' primary source of communication with their faulty algorithms and lousy customer service relations to address even the simplest of issues on their platform. It was only inevitable that we left the site, too. As of January 1st of 2022, our Facebook page has been deleted and we will be using other methods for social networking.

Facebook used to be all about connecting users with their nearest and dearest. However, they have grown much more concerned with converting their patrons into a commodity for data-mining. The algorithm they configure to target consumers and the way these ads follow them is a serious cause for concern.

Zuckerberg is just evil and his ethics are nothing short of questionable. His primary interest lies in selling user information to more companies who can profit from their choices in products while being known to outright mock the users of the platform by labeling them "dumbfucks" for trusting his site with their data.

And Facebook has ads everywhere with everyone always having something to sell. In all seriousness, those ads really are scattered vigorously throughout the platform and make it very frustrating to navigate. Because they take up so much space and look almost the same as a normal post, by the time a user realizes they have been bamboozled, they have already interacted with the post and will now be bombarded by other similar ads in the future.

If ads weren't bad enough, sites like Facebook are notorious for bringing out the worst of people. How we as a media production company didn’t quit Facebook during the last presidential campaign remains a mystery, even to us. The willingness of so many to spew half-baked pudentry that almost assuredly alienates them from society as they promote narcissistic "woke" propaganda is mind-boggling.

Along with the sense of entitlement of their users, Facebook encourages them to continually seek validation from others while promoting deep-seeded narcissism. To be fair, most people post on the platform as a way to let others know what’s going in their lives; a new relationship, workplace news, engagements, the birth of a child, etc. However, a significant portion of users simply humblebrag and post ostentatious nonsense that scream, “Pay attention to me!” Facebook has been proven to have a negative effect on mental health because it encourages comparing behind-the-scenes mess to other's carefully rehearsed prime time.

It may feel powerless and that we do not have a choice, but the reality is that we do. Facebook is only as good as its users, and the fewer there are, the less power and control it has and people are already leaving Facebook in droves.

This graph shows changes in user engagement over the years defined by Facebook itself as Daily Active Users/Monthly Active Users (DAU/MAU).

Boycotting Facebook is the only way to send a clear message that, as a society, we still value morals over money and expect companies, no matter how powerful, to conduct themselves accordingly. Facebook may see users as a consumer commodity, but at the end of the day, we are all human beings that shouldn’t be forced into sacrificing privacy for the profit of any organization.


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