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Student Films!

One of the most underappreciated genres of the industry are student films. While a lot are absolutely cringe-worthy, there are a large number of awe-inspiring gems that pop up here and there.

We love every aspect of film production. But, our love only increases with each and every project. This includes student films. So much so, an aspiring filmmaker came from the Art Institute to us with inquiries about their graduating prerequisites and we happily obliged. How could we not? We love the culture. We love to create! We enjoy every aspect behind the scenes -- and helping students graduate, of course.

During their time with us, the student learned hands-on the basics of cinematography, and significance of self-aware filming; to capture what's in front of the lens on purpose and not under circumstance. They had also underwent the difficulties of gaffing their own lights, composing the frames and movement of cameras. Sound! Let's not forget the most important aspect of any film; short, or otherwise. This alone defines the quality of film. Your project can look amazing, but if the sound is trash, forget about it.

Since we cannot have film without talent, we were blessed to have several professionals on board to help out our college grad. To say they were nothing short of professional is an understatement. We cannot thank them enough and are forever in their debt.


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